Analysis of the Policy of Essential Health Benefits


Health care policy, at state and national levels, is critical to the practice of nurses, especially the advanced practice nurse (APRN). The impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created opportunities and challenges for U.S. citizens, primary care providers (physicians and APRNs), and health care systems. The Future of Nursing, a landmark Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, continues to influence policies related to nursing practice. Become familiar with the details of the ACA legislation and this IOM report. The health care policy “topic” paper must be well-researched. Write a paper on your health care policy topic covering the required rubric content: Introduce your topics 1 page, Problem defined 1 page, How addressed by ACA 1 page, Pros and Cons 1 page, Personal views 1 page. An APA paper is required with APA headings identifying required rubric content. That is, Introduction, Problem (your topic), How Addressed by ACA, Pros and Cons of the Legislation, and Personal Views; 5-8 pages in length. Include at least 10 current articles (less than or equal to five years old) on your reference pages. Current articles must be from several sources. By the end of this project, you will be able to: Analyze a health policy issue and its impact on the health of U.S. citizens and the practice of advanced practice nurses. Present the health policy issue to your peers.

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