Sample Learning Reflection


During the last learning unit, I had the chance to study Biochemistry and Physiology. Although I had solid a academic background in these fields, it felt refreshing to review certain important topics and learn about some peculiar details about the physiology of the human body from the organ and tissue levels to the cellular and molecular levels. It was interesting to notice how physiology could be taught from the pharmacist perspective as opposed to the physician perspective. During the same unit, I also learned about the handling of both over the counter and prescription medication. I learned about the procedures in place to promote the safety of patients and prevent drug abuses. Finally, the highlight of my learning experience has been the self-care class. I found this class very interesting as it invites us to disconnect for a moment from our daily routines and duties and think about what would makes us happier and more effective both at the work/education and emotional levels. Learning various techniques to decrease stress and increase relaxation was, in my opinion, very interesting. I look forward to attending more of these classes.

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