Organic Chemistry Practice Questions with Answers (Set 9)


1. Which of the following statements is true?
a. Both aldehydes and ketones are easily oxidized.
b. Neither aldehydes nor ketones are easily oxidized.
c. Aldehydes are easily oxidized, but ketones are not.
d. Ketones are easily oxidized, but aldehydes are not.

2. Which of the following will give a positive test with Tollens’ reagent?
a. carboxylic acids
c. both a and b
b. ketones
d. neither a nor b

3. Which of the following compounds will undergo oxidation using potassium dichromate to form
a carboxylic acid?

a. A and B only
c. B only
b. A and C only
d. C only

4. Which of the following is obtained by oxidizing hexanal?

a. hexanol
c. hexanoic acid
b. 2-hexanone
d. none of these

5. Treatment of 2-hexanone with potassium dichromate in sulfuric acid will give which of the
following products?
a. hexanal
b. hexanol
c. hexanoic acid
d. Unreacted 2-hexanone will be recovered.

6. Which product will be formed by treatment of the following compound with silver nitrate and
ammonia in water, followed by acidification with HCl?

7. Which of the following compounds gives 1-pentanol upon reduction with H2/metal catalyst?

8. Which of the following is the acetal product that would be formed from the reaction of acetone
with 1-propanol?

9. Of the various OH groups in the following carbohydrate, how many are part of hemiacetal
functional groups?

a. 0
c. 2
b. 1
d. 3

10. Which of the following compounds is a tautomer of the following compound?


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