An Oral History Interview with My Grand Father


Read the details below regarding how to conduct an oral history interview. Then, do an interview with an older family member, someone of your parents’ or grandparents’ generation (or, if an older family member is not available, another older member of your community). During the interview, be sure to take copious notes or if the subject is willing record the interview (all smart phones have digital recorders). Based on what you learn in that interview tell the subject’s story and  ADDRESS all in the last few paragraphs of your essay: What does your family’s (or community’s) history of immigration to the United States, migration to California, or the other event they described reveal about your family or the person you interviewed? Here you’re drawing conclusions about the person or community based on their experiences. In other words, you’re interpreting their lives based on a primary source (your interview with them). What did you learn about your family/community history that changed or expanded your understanding of your families’ history? Are there any primary sources you could include with the essay to back up the assertions made in your family’s story? What are they and what do they reveal about your family?

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