A New Immigration Policy


Topic: What do you think the migration policy of the United States should be? Defend your answer and explain what would be the consequences, intended and unintended, of your proposed policy.Directions Essay should APA-formatted  and 1200 words (title page and references do not count). Essay should include at least three reference from reputable sources (newspapers, research articles, books). No wikipedia or irrelevant websites. Essay will be evaluated for: Content This is the most important category, and is weighted as such. This category represents how well you show understanding of the material, how well you apply the material to your work experience, how well you present your ideas, etc. This category basically represents how well you answered the topic prompt and how convincing your argument or position is, and is a proxy for the quality of your essay overall. No plagiarism will be allowed (essay will be rejected). Organization and Balance Essay must well organized with header and sub-headers (if needed). Be sure to be systematic in your discussion, and clearly differentiate the sections of your essay. For example, do not spend 75% of your time summarizing the readings and only 25% of your time on other parts of the topic prompt; strive to present a balanced essay. A good essay will have a clearly worded introductory paragraph, coherent and logical transitions between paragraphs and sections, and a solid conclusion which ties together the myriad themes and clearly summarizes the main points of the essay.

Format: APA
Words: 1355
Pages: 4.5
References: 6

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