Contracts and Ethics 2

1. Make a list of any sections of the contract (pages 271-276 only), which seem to benefit one party more than the other – along with an explanation and the name of the party that is receiving the benefit. Please submit this list with this assignment. 2. After reading pages 267 – 271 of the contract, tell me whether you think that the contract (as a whole) benefits one party more than the other and why? 3. Review the text in italics below and pages 271 and 272 of the contract. After reading the text and the contract provisions, do you think the “Insurance” and “Indemnification” sections of a contract add important information to the contract? Why or Why not? 4. Review section 12 of the contract on page 275 entitled “Remedies.” What is the purpose of this section of the contract? 5. Review sections 14 and 15 on page 276 of the contract. The sections are entitled “Severability” and “Effect of Severable Provision.” What is the purpose of these sections of the contract? Are these sections necessary?

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