Gender as a Barrier and Race as a Barrier

1. Several metaphors are used in the readings to describe women’s experience in leadership: glass ceiling, labyrinth, glass escalator, glass cliff, and jungle gym. Each represents a barrier to entry and promotion. Despite EEO laws and diversity programs, barriers still exist. So what is the answer? How do we eliminate barriers? What do you think of the authors’ assertion that the home workload imbalance is one of the barriers? 2. Just as gender can be a barrier to entry and promotion, race can also be a barrier. Based on the readings, discuss some of the reasons that race is a barrier. How do we remove or minimize those barriers? Do NOT discuss blatant racism. Although it exists, it is a barrier that probably does not have a solution. 3. Are we part of the problem? The purpose of this question is to provoke thought. This is not an easy question to answer. Please be respectful of each others’ point of view. If you absolutely do not feel comfortable answering the question directly, please post an answer explaining why you do not feel comfortable answering the question. That is an important perspective that I think the class will benefit from hearing. What do you think about the article Why I’m fed up with the whole ‘women in tech’ rant and the Charles Barkley quote below? attached picture. As much as we would like to blame white men for all of life’s inequalities, do women and minorities also contribute? Said another way, are we part of the problem? Why or why not?

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