Hourly Rounding in Hospitals and Increased Patient Satisfaction Literature Review


Create a five minute presentation (PowerPoint- 10 slides and reference) on your Partial Literature Review. You will have to work to contain the highlights of your work in a five-minute summary. Not all of the information you have found will be able to be presented. To mirror the experience of a real conference, you will be graded down, as noted in the rubric, if your presentation does not meet or exceeds the five-minute time limit. Outline your presentation as follows: 1 Minute = Introduction, PICO(T), search history, and reason for study. 3 Minutes = Each theme summary of synthesis should be one minute (for a total of three minutes. 1 Minute = Conclusion (answer to your PICO(T) question, implications for nursing and further research).

Format: Presentation
Words: na
Pages: 12 (slides)
References: 8


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