Why Do Good People Do Bad Things? The Toby Groves Story

Why do businesspeople make unethical decisions?  Is it because they are “bad” people?  Is it because they simply do not know right from wrong? 1. What do you think about the NPR story involving Toby Groves?  Do you agree with the psychologists’ conclusions about why we make unethical decisions?  Is it true that although most people assume that they will behave ethically in business situations, the majority of them are incorrect?  Is a great deal of fraud unintentional? 2. Is ethical fading a “real” thing?  Do you think it happens?  How do you think you (personally) can guard against it? 3. Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma similar to that faced by Brooke Deterline?  What makes a decision like this one difficult?  Is the solution posed by Brooke Deterline a reasonable one?

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