Emotional Intelligence and Perfectionism

The purpose of this assignment is to elevate an aspect of your emotional intelligence. The paper is for your benefit. Students may focus on their lowest emotional intelligence score, or another area of they think it will be more beneficial. For example, if relationship is of concern pick a specific relationship and a specific issue regarding that relationship and conduct an “experiment” to improve the relationship. Generally, this means trying an approach different from what you are doing now. If self-management is an issue, practice, for example, not indulging in road rage and report what you are thinking and feeling before and after this experiment. Tell me the story. What is the background information on the problem? Problem statement. Describe specifically what the issue or problem. Describe the experiment and results. What did you do and what is the outcome? How will this make me a more effective practitioner and professional?

Format: APA
Words: 1335
Pages: 4
References: 4

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