Pharmaceutics Calculations Practice Set #5 with Answers

Question 1
Pediatric digoxin injection contains 100 mcg/ml. What volume must be administered to provide a dose of 0.06 mg
A. 0.4 mL
B. 0.006 mL
C. 0.6 mL
D. 0.004 mL

Question 2
How many mL of injection containing 250 mg of aminophylline in each 10 mL should be used in filling a medication order calling for 20 mg of aminophylline?
A. 0.6 mL
B. 0.2 mL
C. 0.4 mL
D. 0.8 mL

Question 3
How many grams of drug will be needed to prepare 80 dosage forms if each one contains 30 mg.
A. 2.2 g
B. 2.4 g
C. 2400 g
D. 2440 g

Question 4
The amount of drug given to the patient to protect from contacting a specific disease is called a:
A. Therapeutic dose
B. Daily dose
C. Maintenance dose
D. Prophylactic dose

Question 5
A nasal spray contains 50 micrograms (mcg) of drug per actuation spray. Each container provides 100 metered sprays having same amount of drug per spray. How many milligrams of drug are contained in two containers?
A. 10 mg
B. 10000 mg
C. 10 g
D. 5 mg
E. 5000 mg

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