Pharmaceutics Calculations Practice Set #2 with Answers


Question 1
The following regimen for oral prednisone is prescribed for a patient:
50 mg/day x 10 days
25 mg/day x 10 days
12.5 mg/day x 10 days
5 mg/day x 10 weeks
How many scored 25-mg tablets and how many 5-mg tablets should be dispensed to meet the dosage requirements?
A. 35 & 70
B. 40 & 60
C. 25 & 50
D. 25 & 40

Question 2
A patient cuts 100-mg scored tablets to take his 50-mg prescribed daily dose. A prescription for thirty 100-mg tablets costs $45, and a prescription for thirty 50-mg tablets costs $40.
How much money did the patient save on a monthly basis by dosing with half tablets?
A. $ 40
B. $ 22.5
C. $ 17.5
D. $ 12.5

Question 3
How many mL of a mixture would provide a patient with a teaspoonful dose to be taken three times a day for 16 days?
A. 80 mL
B. 45 mL
C. 200 mL
D. 240 mL

Question 4
A cough mixture contains 48 mg of hydromorphone HCl in 8 fl oz. How many mg of hydromorphone HCl are in each 2-tsp dose?
A. 2 mg
B. 4 mg
C. 236.6 mL
D. 240 mL

Question 5
A physician asks a pharmacist to calculate the dose of a cough syrup so that it may be safely administered drop-wise to a child.
The cough syrup contains dextromethorphan HBr, 30 mg/15 mL, in a 120 mL bottle.
Based on the child’s weight and literature references, the pharmacist determines the dose to be 1.5 mg for the child.
The medicine is to be dispensed using a dropper. The pharmacist calibrated the dropper and it delivers 20 drops of cough syrup per mL.
Calculate the dose in drops for the child.
A. 20 drops
B. 12 drops
C. 10 drops
D. 15 drops

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