Rate Law



The rate law for the following reaction is given below:

Cl2(g) + CHCl3(g)–>HCl(g) + CCl4(g)

Rate = K.[Cl2]1/2.[CHCl3]

What are the units for K, assuming time in seconds and concentration in mol/L?



The unit for Rate is => mol.L-1.s-1

Rate = K[Cl2]1/2[HCl3]

K= Rate/[Cl2]1/2[HCl3]

K= (mol.L-1.s-1)/(mol.L-1)1/2.(mol.L-1)

K= mol.L-1.s-1.mol-1/2.L1/2.mol-1.L

The unit of K is: mol-1/2. L1/2.s-1

The unit of K can be also written as: s-1/(mol/L)1/2

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