Personal Narrative of conflict: Use of Company Property


This essay is designed to help your learn to develop a personal narrative, analyze the underlying context, and propose a role for yourself that includes aspects of leadership.

  • Select a situation from your experience that involved conflict or a dilemma. This situation could come from your student clinical experiences or your professional work experiences. Whatever you choose, you need to have been involved in this situation.
  • Develop a narrative of this situation. Refer to the resources that are posted with this assignment to give you a perspective for a narrative. This assignment has the potential to become a document in your professional portfolio.
  • Provide an analysis of the context of the situation and suggest how you might take a role in intervening in a similar situation in your current (or very near future) nursing role. How does the language of leadership help you address the issue(s) you present? Be sure to research what others have written about similar leadership conflicts or dilemmas.
  • Format: APA
  • Words: 986
  • Pages: 3
  • References: 3

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