Organic Solvents Questions with Answers


1) Petroleum ether is another organic solvent – it is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by the distillation of petroleum. Would it be classified as polar or nonpolar? Would you expect it to be miscible or immiscible with water?

2) Organic liquids A, B, and C have densities of 0.690, 0.955 g/ml, and 1.126 g/ml. A and C are low polarity solvents, while B is a high polarity solvent. When each is added to water, how would you expect them to behave?

3) Why does ethyl acetate have a higher boiling point than hexanes, even though they are approximately the same molecular weight?

4) Why does methanol have a lower boiling point that ethanol even though it is more polar?

5) Why does ethanol have a higher boiling point than ethyl ether even though ethyl ether is heavier?

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