Investigation of the High Rates of Navy Leadership Dismissals: Paper


You will explain why the problem/issue is problematic and how it negatively impacts the effectiveness of the organization.

Then, you will propose a course of action by applying key principles, concepts, and theories of organizational behavior.

Finally, you will recommend follow-up actions (evaluations) for the organization to assess whether or not the problem/issue has been resolved.

  • Identify organizational characteristics, including its history, mission, values, structure, services/goods, culture, leadership, industry, or other information (as applicable).
  • Identify key factors influencing (or causing) the organizational problem/issue.
  • Identify at least two organizational behavior principles, concepts, and theories related to the problem/issue.
  • Identify at least one solution/recommendation to address the problem/issue, include required actions, decisions, personnel, etc.
  • Identify at least one possible follow-up action for evaluating whether or not the problem/issue was resolved.
  • List a minimum of two resources (excluding the course textbook) to support your work.


  • Format: APA
  • Words: 1909
  • Pages: 7
  • References: 6

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