Reducing Hospital Readmissions in Cardiac Patients


The format of the paper will be that of a traditional nursing research proposal as if you were preparing to conduct a nursing research project in answer to your research question. a. Problem/ Purpose Statement his is an introduction to the topic of your research, including your research question and/or hypothesis. b. Review of the literature This section gives the background on your topic and gives an overview of what research has been done in this area. You are providing information as to the state of the science related to your research question therefore the vast majority of your references are current research reports published in peer reviewed nursing journals. Goal(s) for the project. Objectives to meet the goal(s) (minimum of 4 objectives). Planned experiences to meet objectives and assist in the implementation of the project (minimum of 5 planned experiences)

  • Format: APA
  • Words: 2950
  • Pages: 10
  • References: 10

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