Ethics School of Thought in the Movie The Dark Knight


Consider the three primary ethical schools we have explored in the class: virtue ethics, teleological, and deontological ethics. Choose a film, and then identify the primary school of thought that is best reflected in the film.Content Requirements: Specifically refer to at least two scenes in the film as evidence for the school of thought that is best reflected in the film. Quote dialogue from the film and provide some context for the scenes you’re discussing and analyzing.. Remember to discuss why the other two schools may not strictly apply to the film. Or perhaps you can argue that the two other schools are present in some of the decisions or actions of some minor characters, but they do not necessarily dominate the film. Speculate as to why a specific ethical school dominates this film. Does the topic lend itself to the particular ethical view? Does the setting or historical period of the film lend itself to a certain ethical view? Has the director stated or implied what was ethically important when he or she made the film? Read and quote from 2 movie reviews and your readings to help clarify or support any of your ideas.

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