Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma Social Case


Jasmine is a nineteen year old mother of a two year old daughter who was placed in foster care due to maltreatment and “failure to thrive.” She attends therapeutic group sessions twice weekly with Ann, along with other parents whose children were also placed in foster care. Jasmine divulges to her caseworker (child protective services) that she tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus.

For this paper read the ethical dilemma (case) case scenario outlined above to develop a hypothetical ethical dilemma response and demonstrate an appropriate ethical decision making process. The case scenario also includes various social problems for which you will identify and describe how you would develop and/or conduct a research plan to address these issues. You will address several substantial areas in your analysis:

  • Format: APA
  • Words: 1730
  • Pages: 5.5
  • References: 6

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