Nursing Bedside Reporting Versus Traditional Reporting- Effect on Patient Satisfaction


(APA, 3.5 pages, 947 words, 3 references)

  • Identify a problem or issue in your current work setting that needs improvement or change and argue a resolution form the standpoint of all parties involved and describe how you can be a part of the solution. Must be realistic to create change.
  • May be a process improvement project, organizational process, evidence and quality or safety project, competence development, process technology, proactive patient work.
  • Must be a nursing related and focused topic (not a global issue) AND must be supported by previous EBP (evidence-based practice), nursing articles, and reliable sources. Literature review research synthesis and discussion on the topic from scholarly articles that addresses the impact on the nursing practice/patient care.
  • Describe the current state and give an overview of the problem or issue and explain the need for change.
  • Proposed resolution and plan with steps to implement and solve the problem including pros and cons for the proposal, costs and/or funding, benefits, implementation, time frame, outcomes summary including positive and negative, measurable evaluation methods of the plan and proposal.
  • Must be supported with research and evidence based practice support documented throughout project/plan.
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