Botany Practice Questions 3 with Answers


  1. Flowering plants appeared _____
  2. Approximately _____ of flowering plants are insect pollinated
  3. Morphologically, a flower is a modified ____
  4. Morphologically, the pistil of a flower is one or more carpels, and a carpel is the ____
  5. The carpels are the _________ parts of flowers.
  6. The placenta is the ____
  7. Flowers are said to be perfect if they ____
  8. A species is said to be monoecious if ____
  9. If staminate and carpellate flowers are found on separate plants, the species is said to be ____
  10. Symmetry in flowers has _______ main forms
  11. The exine layer of pollen grains is composed of ____
  12. Pollen grains are ______ in the fossil record.
  13. The funiculus and the micropyle are found on ____
  14. Compared with those of gymnosperms, the pollen tubes of most angiosperms ____
  15. The union of one sperm cell with the egg, and the other sperm cell with the polar nuclei leads to the formation of an embryo and ____
  16. The “angio” in angiosperm refers to the fact that ____
  17. The flowering plants have dominated the land for over ________ million years
  18. Irises, bananas and Trillium are examples of __________.
  19. The flower is a __________.
  20. The part of the flower stalk to which the flower parts are attached is the ____


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