Chemical Kinetics Questions


  1. A reaction rate describes
  2. The slope of a plot of volume of product formed against time will yield what quantity?
  3. Which factors can affect the rate of a reaction?
  4. If the surface area of reactants decreases
  5. How does increasing the pressure of a gaseous reaction affect the reaction rate in the reaction N2(g) + 3H2(g) –> 2NH3(g)?
  6. Which increases the rate of a reaction?
  7. How is the reaction time dependent upon the reaction rate?
  8. 10 grams of a reactant are used up in a time of 20 seconds. What is the rate of the reaction?
  9. A reaction uses up 50 grams of reactant at a rate of 1.0 grams/s. How much time will it take for all of the reactant to be used up?
  10. Why was the reaction slower when using a diluted acid?
  11. What state is a reaction in when the forward and reverse reaction rates are equal to each other?
  12. Which refers to the reaction in which products become reactants?
  13. For which reaction will an increase in temperature shift the equilibrium to the left?
  14. Which actions will always result in promoting the forward reaction?
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