Chemistry Questions


Question 1

In a solution, the substance that dissolves is the ______, while the substance that does the dissolving is the ______.

Question 2

Why does stirring increase the rate of solution formation for a solid solute in a liquid solvent?

Question 3

What describes a solution the is holding more than the maximum amount of solute?

Question 4

Will the following double-replacement reaction produce a precipitate?

AgNO3 + KOH –> KNO3 + AgOH

Question 5

What volume of 1.25 M sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution can be prepared using 60.0 g of sodium hydroxide? (The mass of one mole of NaOH is 40.0 g.)

Question 6

If a non-volatile non-electrolyte is added to a sample of water, how would the boiling point of this solution compare with the boiling point of pure water?

Question 7

Calculate the freezing point of a 2.6-molal aqueous solution. (sucrose is a non-electrolyte).

Question 8

Which is a property of an acid?

Question 9

What is the name of HClO4?

Question 10

The greater the percent of ionization of an acid, the ______.

Question 11

What best describes the pH scale?

Question 12

If the quantity of H3O+ ions in a solution is equal to the quantity of OH- ions, what would be the pH value?

Question 14

A solution has a [OH-] of 1 x 10-9 M. What is the pOH of this solution?

Question 15

If equal moles of a strong acid and weak base react, what is the resulting solution?

Question 16

In the reaction, 3Cu + 2Al3+ –> 3Cu2+ + 2 Al, which substance is being reduced?

Question 17

In compounds, what is the oxidation number of group IA compounds?

Question 18

What is the oxidation number of manganese (Mn) in MnO4-?

Question 19

What is the oxidizing agent in the following equation?

Al (s) + 3 Ag+ (aq) –> Al3+ (aq) + 3 Ag (s)

Question 20

To balance the following half-reaction, Cr3+ –> CrO4-, how many waters need to be added?

Question 21

How are voltaic cells and electrolytic cells similar?

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