Biology Practice Quiz I with Answers


1- What is the physiological cause of a heart attack?

2- Which of these is the worst thing you can do to your lungs?

3- What is an essential feature for an animal’s gas-exchange surface?

4- Animals need O2 because it

5- In mammals, during inhalation

6- The primary sealant that plugs leaks in blood vessels is

7- The buildup of plaque in the walls of arteries and the narrowing of passages through which blood can flow results in

8- High blood pressure is also known as

9- In the alveoli and lung capillaries CO2 and O2 are exchanged by means of

10- Which one of the following is a function of the circulatory system?

11- Which one of the following animals has an open circulatory system?

12- Earthworms can use their       as their respiratory surface

13- Which chamber(s) of the heart hold(s) oxygen-rich blood?

14- Inhalation in humans is achieved by

15- What structure do lobster use for gas exchange?

16- Which part of the ABCs of lifesaving does the Heimlich maneuver affect?

17- Together, inhalation and exhalation are referred to as

18- Your blood pressure is 120/70. The “120” indicates     and the “70” indicates

19- In the human respiratory system gas exchange occurs across the cells of the

20-  accounts for about 40% of all deaths in the Unites States.

21- As a consequence of red blood cells’ lack of nuclei and other organelles, they

22- Insects breath using

23- Why do cigarette smokers cough more than most people do?

24- White blood cells play a particularly important role in

25- Why is blood pressure higher during systole than during diastole?

26- Which of these blood clotting components are responsible for initiating the clotting process?

27- Which of these animals has a double circulatory system?

28- The     provide(s) a common passageway for both food and air

29- Blood pressure that is consistently     or higher would indicate that you have hypertension.

30- Which of the following types of pathogens cause sexually transmitted diseases that are generally not curable?

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