Compounds of Scandium Sc+3

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IUPAC Name Chemical Formula Molar Mass (g/moL)
Scandium Phosphate ScPO4 139.93
Scandium Sulfate Sc2(SO4)3 378.10
Scandium Carbonate Sc2(CO3)3 269.94
Scandium Chlorate Sc(ClO3)3 295.31
Scandium Iodate Sc(IO3)3 569.66
Scandium Hydroxide Sc(OH)3 95.98
Scandium Bromate Sc(BrO3)3 428.66
Scandium Borate ScBO3 103.77
Scandium(III) Oxide Sc2O3 137.91
Scandium Nitrite Sc(NO2)3 182.97
Scandium Chromate Sc2(CrO4)3 437.89
Scandium(III) Sulfite Sc2(SO3)3 330.10
Scandium Arsenate ScAsO4 183.88
Scandium Acetate Sc(C2H3O2)3 222.09
Scandium Cyanide Sc(CN)3 123.01
Scandium Sulfide Sc2S3 186.11
Scandium(III) Nitrate Sc(NO3)3 230.97
Scandium Iodite Sc(IO2)3 521.67
Scandium(III) Chloride ScCl3 151.31
Scandium Arsenide ScAs 119.88
Scandium(III) Fluoride ScF3 101.95
Scandium Permanganate Sc(MnO4)3 401.76
Scandium Bromide ScBr3 284.67
Scandium Hydrogen Sulfate Sc(HSO4)3 336.17
Scandium Hydrogen Carbonate Sc(HCO3)3 228.01
Scandium Dichromate Sc2(Cr2O7)3 737.88
Scandium Hydrogen Phosphate Sc2(HPO4)3 377.85
Scandium Perchlorate Sc(ClO4)3 343.31
Scandium Periodate Sc(IO4)3 617.66
Scandium Thiosulfate Sc2(S2O3)3 426.30
Scandium Chlorite Sc(ClO2)3 247.31
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