Compounds of Cyanate OCN-

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IUPAC Name Chemical Formula Molar Mass (g/moL)
Ammonium Cyanate NH4OCN 60.06
Rubidium(I) Cyanate RbOCN 127.48
Calcium Cyanate Ca(OCN)2 124.11
Cesium Cyanate CsOCN 174.92
Magnesium Cyanate Mg(OCN)2 108.34
Sodium Cyanate NaOCN 65.01
Manganese(II) Cyanate Mn(OCN)2 138.97
Tin(IV) Cyanate Sn(OCN)4 286.78
Lead(II) Cyanate Pb(OCN)2 291.23
Gallium(III) Cyanate Ga(OCN)3 195.77
Potassium Cyanate KOCN 81.12
Copper(I) Cyanate CuOCN 105.56
Bismuth Cyanate Bi(OCN)3 335.03
Lithium Cyanate LiOCN 48.96
Chromium(III) Cyanate Cr(OCN)3 178.05
Iron(II) Cyanate Fe(OCN)2 139.88
Iron(III) Cyanate Fe(OCN)3 181.90
Aluminum Cyanate Al(OCN)3 153.03
Zinc Cyanate Zn(OCN)2 149.41
Nickel(II) Cyanate Ni(OCN)2 142.73
Copper(II) Cyanate Cu(CNO)2 147.58
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